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  • Bespoke Perfume Packaging Caps

    Usually perfume caps are made from metal and plastic, such as aluminum, zamac, ABS, acrylic, surlyn. we are making different kinds of perfume caps

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    Product Details

    In the field of perfume packaging, bottle caps / lids / overcaps are usually made from metal and plastic, plastic is more widely used than metal, there are different materials in plastic, like ABS, PP, acrylic, surlyn. For metal caps, usually we have aluminum and zamac, aluminum is cheap and light weight, but zamac cap gives luxury feel, it's heavy and shiny look is more attractive than plastic or aluminum.

    What can we do?

    1. Offering standard model caps

    2. OEM service, personalized&customized deisng is available;

    3. Helping to design, drawing to achieve bespoke projects of perfume packaging;

    4. From design to manufacturing and shipping.

    Leaders Products includes the following:

    1. Perfume overcap
    2. Zamac bottle cap
    3. Plastic bottle cap
    4. Aluminum bottle cap
    5. Candle lid
    6. Wooden bottle lid
    7. Metal bottle plaques
    8. Wine bottle tops
    9. Wine bottle stoppers
    10. Bottle decoration parts in plastic or metalAbout Leaders 1

    About Leaders 2

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